Sage Line 500 promotion price query

The following is a useful query for extracting the current (active) promotional prices from a Sage Line 500 price list table (oplistm) – where (say) ‘MN’ is the main selling Finished Goods warehouse in stockm and all prices should be shown as inclusive of VAT (14%):

select p.price_list, p.product_code, s.long_description, round(s.price*1.14,2) normal_price,
WHEN p.vat_inclusive_flag = “Y” THEN p.price
WHEN p.vat_inclusive_flag = “N” THEN round(p.price*1.14,2)
END promo_price,
FROM oplistm p, stockm s
WHERE p.product_code = s.product AND s.warehouse = “MN”
AND p.sequence_number <> ”  ”
AND p.price_start_date <=today
AND p.price_end_date >= today
ORDER BY p.product_code, p.price_start_date;