Pastel custom reports – easy!

An accountant friend of mine asked me to do a ‘Monthly Product Sales’ for his client working on Pastel Partner.

I’ve never seen Pastel’s database layout before – but picked it up very quickly using the ‘Pervasive SQL Control Centre’.

Within an hour I could show the (customer) their monthly sales (by units and/or values – for the last two years) in an Excel Pivot table – with the customer and/or product in the filters.

The nice thing about using Excel’s Pivot tables – is that one can easily ‘drill down’ to invoice line level.  We could immediately pick up where/when exchange rate calculations were skewd by misplaced decimal points..

The accountant was quite delighted to find out that the same report can be used on any of his clients’ Pastel databases.

Let me know if you require any Pastel custom reports (in Excel or on the web).