How to reduce stocktake time

I managed at least two company-wide stock takes every year for the last 15 years.  Here’s a few tips I’ve learned to reduce stock take time:

1.  Break a large warehouse up into smaller, manageable stocktake ‘areas’.   Have stock take teams take responsibility for ‘their’ area’s accuracy and speedy completion.

2.  Which area holds the highest stock value?  Which has the most number of lines?  Use this info to assign the number and quality of people to stock take teams.

3.  Identify count vs. system differences (within each area) as quickly as possible – and have the responsible teams re-check!

4.  Find a way to monitor and control the progress of counting in the individual areas – and combine this info to get an overview of the whole stock take progress.

5.  Incorporate stock value into the above system – thereby allowing one to continuously see the ‘Nett effect’ of the whole stock take.  What is the overall ‘loss’ or ‘gain’ – and which area contributes the most toward this?

Let me know if you need assistance!