How to reduce Informix db space with Sage Line 500

Make a note of the output of onstat -d to monitor the effect of your actions.

Ensure exclusive access – preferably with Informix transaction logging off.

Informix transaction logging off:  ondblog nolog <database name>            then      onbar -b -F

As always, make sure you’ve got a decent backup before you start.

Log into Sage – into the Company you need to reduce the space of.  Exit to shell.  You should now be in the company directory by default (check System Manager > System Administration > Company Management > Working Directories).

Test a small table first, e.g.:

unload st_warehouse > stkwhm.unl

Now make sure the unload file (in this case stkwhm.unl) contains the field names at the top and data below it.  Then do

load -cD -x 10000 st_warehouse < stkwhm.unl

The ‘10000’ can be adjusted according the the number of lines loaded at a time – increase for larger tables.

Be sure to update statistics once done!  E.g:

update statistics for table stkwhm;

And lastly, remember to switch Informix transaction logging back on.

Informix transaction logging on:  ondblog buf <database name>            then      onbar -b -F