How to get the most out of your ERP training

1.  I’ve said it before – keep your staff training as close as possible to go-live.  People forget.  Quickly.

2.  Have the training facility load your data!   If the training is done off-site, people will be overwhelmed by the new environment – they’ll be even more lost if they do not see ‘their’ Stock Code, Suppliers, Customers, etc.

3.  Have the training facility print and copy a few screenshots.  Picture = 1000 words.  Trainees can then make notes on these and take them back to the office.  Save the cost of having a (traditional) training manual printed – nobody looks at them.. ever.

4.  Ensure that the trainer show you how to reverse an entry.  (Or fix a punching error).  This causes 90% of go-live chaos:  users do not know how to fix their own mistakes.

5.  It is not often that a company gets the chance to investigate their business processes as thuroughly as what usually happens during a ERP implementation and training sessions.  Make use of this opportunity to improve and streamline your business!